Improvement Fund Draw

The “Tingewick Village Hall Draw”, registration number LC202001-47911, is registered with AVDC as aSmall Society Lottery to raise money for the Tingewick Village Hall Improvement Fund.

Participants are allocated a number on payment of an annual fee of £10, paid each year between Jan 1st and Feb 15th. Monthly draws are made on the first Friday of each month at the Tingewick Community Café.

There are three monthly prizes; first prize £20 and two prizes of £10.

There is also a Christmas Bonus of two prizes drawn on the last Friday before Christmas; first prize £100, second prize £50.
Numbers for the draw are available at Tingewick Community café from the promoter:Mrs F Marsden, The Little House, Tingewick, MK18 4QE

The rules of the draw can be be viewed here